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Nathan Allen Pinard is a specialist in composing for Video Games, Movies, Machinima, TV, and Films. Armed with a large arsenal of software, sound effects, and virtual instruments, Nathan can take on any of your projects while at the same time, offering you affordable rates. Utilizing various libraries from Spectrasonics , East West , and the Vienna Symphonic Library , you will get the upmost quality in musicality, as well as engineering quality and realism.
Nathan has done work for Disney, orchestrating and co-writing the song "Dare to Dream" on The Princess and the Frog: Tiana and Her Princess Friends with several other composers. The album the song is featured on was recently released in stores. Nathan has also worked with various clients such as Brandon M. Dennis . Known as Oxhorn Brandon is the creator of popular World of Warcraft machinima films viewed by millions such as the “Inventing Swear Words” and “Associate Professor Evil” series, as well as other small films. Nathan has also worked with well known machinima author Johan Vagstedt with Firebolt Productions creating some of the most dramatic World Of Warcraft machinima complete with heavy cinematic fight scenes.

Other than machinima, Nathan is also versed in composing for short live-action films, such as “Runaway Rightie” and “Finding Lost” by Will Nail, and is also currently working on a project by Carolyn Hodge of “Moondancer Films” and "Emma's Wish"

Finally, aiming at one of his bigger passions, Nathan has aimed to create music and sound assets for games, starting with the IGF Student Showcase Winner Gemini Rue, a point and click adventure game set in a sci-fi setting, created by The JBurger, along with an adventure based side-scrolling flash game by Yin Yang Productions entitled Doodle Warrior Nathan is also undergoing a large Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming project taking the role of Lead Sound Manager in Conquest Of Heroes by indie gaming company Beyond Ascension . Nathan is responsible for the sound effects, music direction and composing, voice acting, casting and direction, as well as editing, hosting, and publishing the Burning Man Studios (now known as Beyond Ascension) Presents podcast series with information about the game, and audio book segments about the story.

Services Provided:

* High Quality Composition or Orchestration for any Media
* Sound Design
* Voice Acting, Casting, and Direction
* Mixing/Mastering
* Unique Instrument Performance with Duduk, Penny Whistle, Low Irish Whistle, Napalese Flute, and various Recorders

For inquiries, please use our contact form with information about your project, and a response will be send to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for considering Nathan Allen Pinard for your project!

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Nathan Allen Pinard: Gemini Rue: Original Soundtrack
Nathan Allen Pinard: Machiniscores

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